Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds
This is what happens when high people get together
My little sister is too cute

I bet you didn’t expect me to rap
Cause I’m a white chick who looks sweet & innocent
But I have dirty money, I’m filthy rich
And I confess, this track I’m killin it
Check the autopsy, no one can stop me
Murder scene, white chalk outlines
Lookin like coke lines
Goin all in, nose dive
Top thrill dragster, speedin, I’m too high
She say Yolo, beat the pussy up it has 9 lives
& she way to attach to you after one time
5 star clinger, say bye bye
& I hear you got yourself some jail time
& while you’re behind bars, I spit bars & write rhymes
I keep it 100, I aint worried about lookin like a dime
I live the good life, dance & drink all night
Takin shots like a gun that’s fully loaded
We got what we want cause we can afford it
Time out, its game over
My initials k.o that’s knock out

-wrote something real quick

Want this as a tattoo!
New outfit